Add denim jacket to your wardrobe right-away and here is why!


So as I was interning this one summer in the month of August, when the humidity and heat are at its peak, my old investment in a denim jacket really paid off.

Yeah now one must think, woah denim is thick so were you not sweating bullets, well my other problem was the office was freezing, but what I want to tell you all is that denim jacket is not just limited to one outfit; it can be paired with white, pink, black, grey, red and many more colors. I used it in 3 different outfits within this week, my go-to move is just putting it around my shoulders to cover up my arms. 
Denim jackets are not only a staple piece of clothing every girl needs but also will never go out of style. I am gonna share below some of my favorite looks including a denim jacket.
Looks by @reemmabukwaik



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