#StayHome #StaySafe

Let Us Deliver It To You

Our Response

Hello Beautiful! We hope that you and your family are well and staying indoors. COVID-19 has been quite an unfortunate event and has affected all of us in many ways. This is the time for us stick together as a community more than ever.

Your smallest of actions like staying home and washing your hands regularly can have a major impact on containing the spread and keeping everyone safe. We urge you to kindly follow these precautions and spread awareness of the same.

But staying at home does not have to be boring! This is why we are still working to provide you with the most amazing modest fashion collection and we are doing so responsibly because your safety is our priority!

Our Measures

We are taking a number of precautionary measures to ensure a contact-less and safe delivery.


Our team uses proper PPE (gloves, masks, etc.) while packing your items.

The packages including the boxes & courier bags are sterilized prior to packing.

Pre-Delivery Sterilization

The packages are picked up in a contact-less manner from our warehouse and transported to our logistics partner.

Our logistics partner(s) conduct a final sterilization prior to delivery.

Contact-less Delivery

Delivery takes place in a completely contact-less manner where the delivery personnel is instructed to strictly maintain distance and wear proper PPE (mask & gloves).


Reach our team at support@themodestlook.com and we'll be happy to answers all of questions.
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